Important tips when buying a new mobile phone on finance

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The mobile phone moved from being a flashy accessory to a necessity several years back. Today, almost everyone has new device, and with many different handsets available on the market, making a purchase can be very confusing. Unless one knows exactly what they want, making the mobile phone choice can be very confusing. Luckily, with the following factors taken into consideration, the process becomes much easier. Buying mobile phones on finance might be a good idea, but before buying a new phone, consider;


This is perhaps the biggest consideration for most people. Before committing to a purchase, make sure to confirm the price on the targeted handset. Typically, phones with more features and the latest technological offerings will attract higher prices. When it comes to the basics; calling and text, all the phones provide the same level of service. Make a decision on what is important and what is not when making the decision to spend money on a new phone.


Do not simply buy a phone because it is the latest, sleekest looking or the one most friends have. Make sure to match the functionality and features with preferences and lifestyle. There are those that have high functionality, with a small sleek design. On the other hand, there are those that have are large and have straightforward design. The features on the phone might also influence the purchase decision. Most phones today have the basic camera, Bluetooth and touch screen capability. Of course these are just the basics, and there are much more advanced features, but one should choose and only pay for that which is more important to them.

Credit options

There are several credit options available when buying a phone on finance. The buyer gets to choose from many different handset manufacturers, including Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Apple. The online option is especially attractive, as the phone is ordered and delivered directly to one’s doorstep, which is ideal if it is to be given as a gift. Online retailers will typically require a credit account. When registering for this account, retailers might require basic personal information like names, contact information and addresses, as well as bank details like statements or utility bills. Those accepted for credit accounts will then receive monthly statements detailing their limits, minimum payments they will need to make and the items purchased.

Frequently asked questions

With different service providers having different deals, customers often have questions. The typical mobile phone on finance procedure is relatively simple. Simply choose the product, apply for a payment on finance option, often online, and wait for approval and delivery of the handset. There are several modes of payment; monthly, six months and even a year. Many companies will have the payments done on debit direct from personal bank accounts. The first payment is typically due on the month after the finance agreement. In many cases, a percentage deposit, typically ten percent, of the value of the mobile phone, will be required when the mobile on finance deal is accepted.