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The mobile phone moved from being a flashy accessory to a necessity several years back. Today, almost everyone has new device, and with many different handsets available on the market, making a purchase can be very confusing. Unless one knows exactly what they want, making the mobile phone choice can be very confusing. Luckily, with the following factors taken into consideration, the process becomes much easier. Buying mobile phones on finance might be a good idea, but before buying a new phone, consider;


This is perhaps the biggest consideration for most people. Before committing to a purchase, make sure to confirm the price on the targeted handset. Typically, phones with more features and the latest technological offerings will attract higher prices. When it comes to the basics; calling and text, all the phones provide the same level of service. Make a decision on what is important and what is not when making the decision to spend money on a new phone.


Do not simply buy a phone because it is the latest, sleekest looking or the one most friends have. Make sure to match the functionality and features with preferences and lifestyle. There are those that have high functionality, with a small sleek design. On the other hand, there are those that have are large and have straightforward design. The features on the phone might also influence the purchase decision. Most phones today have the basic camera, Bluetooth and touch screen capability. Of course these are just the basics, and there are much more advanced features, but one should choose and only pay for that which is more important to them.

Credit options

There are several credit options available when buying a phone on finance. The buyer gets to choose from many different handset manufacturers, including Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Apple. The online option is especially attractive, as the phone is ordered and delivered directly to one’s doorstep, which is ideal if it is to be given as a gift. Online retailers will typically require a credit account. When registering for this account, retailers might require basic personal information like names, contact information and addresses, as well as bank details like statements or utility bills. Those accepted for credit accounts will then receive monthly statements detailing their limits, minimum payments they will need to make and the items purchased.

Frequently asked questions

With different service providers having different deals, customers often have questions. The typical mobile phone on finance procedure is relatively simple. Simply choose the product, apply for a payment on finance option, often online, and wait for approval and delivery of the handset. There are several modes of payment; monthly, six months and even a year. Many companies will have the payments done on debit direct from personal bank accounts. The first payment is typically due on the month after the finance agreement. In many cases, a percentage deposit, typically ten percent, of the value of the mobile phone, will be required when the mobile on finance deal is accepted.

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A walk down the memory lane and one can’t help but appreciate the wondrous role that no credit check mobile phones continue to play in the contemporary society. Gone are the days when people with bad credit had to go through a lot of trouble just to be approved for a mobile phone contract. Having bad credit as most would agree is never a pleasant thing. It denies a person access to credit facilities from high street banks, reduces a person’s purchasing power and makes it impossible for people to get mobile phone contracts with the best perks.

However, we can’t be oblivious to the fact that having bad credit is not a death sentence of sorts. If there are lessons we drew from the global credit crunch, it has to be that having a poor credit rating is never 100% the responsibility of a person. There are a number of circumstances that can make a person have bad credit beyond them. Being incapacitated for instance is one of the things that can make a person to have a poor credit rating. A person who is incapacitated cannot engage in gainful employment and might find himself unable to keep up with financial obligations.

There is also the aspect of losing a job and a couple of unforeseen circumstances that might quickly turn a person’s fortunes for the worse. In view of this, the attitude that major lenders and mobile phone contract providers in the past had was hurting to people with bad credit. Thanks to the global recession of 2008, most mobile phone contract providers have changed their attitude towards people with bad credit and are now more than willing to bring them on board.

A mobile device is a necessity of sorts and being denied a contract simply because a person has bad credit is an injustice of sorts. It’s for this reason that most mobile phone contract providers in the UK and other parts of the world now offer no credit check mobile phones. These contracts are specifically designed for people with bad credit or a low credit score who have for ages been denied access to mobile phone contracts. It is a plan or packages that majority of mobile phone providers offer with an attempt to let people with a “not so perfect” credit score enjoy benefits like the others.

However, when applying for no credit check mobile phones, common sense dictates that you do due diligence before entering into any kind of contract. There are mobile phone providers that take advantage of the desperation of people with bad credit to exploit them through high rates. To avert such a situation and be on the safe side, the best thing to do would be to carefully compare providers that offer no credit check mobile phones contracts.

If you are unsure of where to get quality information on no credit check mobile phones, a visit to can be the perfect opportunity for you to enlighten yourself and get the best deals. Secondly, before you apply for a no credit check mobile phones, make sure that you compare the perks that each provider makes. You definitely want to go for a plan that meets all your mobile phone needs. If you are not satisfied with a given package that your provider is offering you, you can always negotiate for a better deal.

Read reviews, recommendations and utilize comparison sites to get the most reliable information on the best mobile phone providers that offer affordable and interesting no credit check mobile phones. At the end of the day, the kind of plan or package you get is dependent on how diligent you are before making an application of sorts.

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After trying out and reviewing several mobile phone financing options, several things have become apparent. Mobile phone financing seems an attractive prospect on the surface, but with handsets becoming more expensive, different retailers are coming up with different deals. I recommend the following steps for anyone looking for a mobile financing deal.

Before settling, take time to consider the options. Do not simply go for the cheapest option in terms of monthly installments. The way financing deals work is such that longer repayment deals will likely have low installment rates, but will eventually run a higher overall cost. Do not just go for the cheapest and have it done over with. Look at the contract carefully and consider what it requires. Be careful with the contract length too. Cheaper is more appealing, but keep the options open in case circumstances change. Stick to the classic 12 or 18 month contract, and always reserve the right for a buyout in case circumstances change.

Consider retailers that offer mobile phone insurance as part of their deals. The repayment period will likely be long, and having to deal with losing or a damaged phone while still in the course of the repayment can be difficult. While walking around with a £300 phone that is still being financed will be easier with the thought that in case anything happens to it, insurance could have it replaced free of charge. If the financing deal is attractive but does not offer insurance, then consider a specialist device insurer that offers affordable rates.

Consider the online option when looking for a financing deal on a good handset. While many people prefer looking at and touching the new shiny handset before buying it, going into any retail shop means being exposed to unique circumstances. The retail assistants, mostly paid on commission, are trained to sell. Shopping online removes the pressure of having to make the quick and likely wrong decision on impulse. Furthermore, the financing process online is straightforward and relatively quick.

The biggest device manufacturers have some of the most attractive deals in the market. For instance, Apple provides an option between renting and owning the device. After paying a setup fee, the payments can be spread over a 24 or 36 month period, with ownership given at the end with a one off payment. The rental deal is similar, but at the end of the term, one is provided with the option of either buying it at the current fair market value, returning it or upgrading to the latest. While this, and deals from many other major manufacturers can be attractive, consider looking outside the biggest players sometimes. Do not be afraid to step outside the major players.

Another potential way of saving money is choosing a refurbished phone over a completely new one. The refurbished handset will have been used and returned, but will normally be restored completely to its original condition and sold at a lower price. They often have been tested to ensure they work properly, and will likely be graded according to their cosmetic condition.

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The approval rates for mobile phone financing are typically higher than other credit options; this is why many who have been denied contracts from phone networks opt for the monthly, weekly or even yearly payment. However, another major motivation for opting for the mobile phone financing option is the desire to have the latest in mobile phone technology. New handsets are released every year, and keeping up can be difficult and costly. Deciding whether one needs the latest mobile handset can help determine the direction one takes with their financing.


Just like any other purchase, even with mobile phone financing one of the biggest considerations remains the budget. Those who cannot afford the latest and have bad credit might want to opt for cheaper, basic models. Applying for a phone contract or financing will likely be unsuccessful in such conditions.


The latest handsets have attractive features and upgrades, but are they really necessary? Consumers should ask themselves how they intend to use the phones they purchase before committing to a financing deal. This is especially important considering the fact that phone prices tend to drop a few months after release. Most people use their phones for the basic texting and calling. For others the phone is the backbone of their lives, and they use it for checking emails, browsing, video chatting and playing games. Make sure to only pay for what is necessary. Manufacturers have also been immensely helpful and have realized that not all mobile phone users fall under one category. There are a variety of handset options available depending on one’s budget and needs.

The application process

The application process is fairly simple, especially when done online. However, there are two important factors to consider; the interest rates and penalties.

In most finance agreements, the price of the handset will be generally higher than the price value if the handset is purchased on credit. Generally, the longer the repayment period, the lower the installments. However, a longer period will also result in a higher total cost.

Many stores today add penalties in case of delayed or non-payment. Any missed payments of reminders attract penalties. The buy now, pay later finance schemes are often interest free. However, one will need to pay the balance fully before the deferred period ends. In most instances, if not paid in full, the agreement reverts to the standard interest rate credit agreement.

Online purchase

Financing has never been easier with the online application option. The entire process is straightforward and immediate. Most websites offer financing deals from all the major manufacturers: Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, LG and HTC. Flexible schemes allow access to the latest range of smartphones even for those stretched budget wise.

The bottom line

Latest or not, consumers must remember that even mobile phone financing is about enabling the customer meet their needs within their budget. Mobile phone financing enables one to buy the latest with a simplistic step by step process, and many will find that the investment will be worth it in the end.

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Customers who would like to have the best handsets but do not have the money in the UK can still get them and pay later, in a practice commonly known as buying a mobile phone on finance. Handsets are becoming more advanced and expensive, and this option is becoming increasingly popular among many UK subscribers. Opting for financing on one’s mobile phone has its advantages. However, there are scenarios one must be careful against when they choose the mobile phone financing option.

Choice of the latest

For consumers in the UK, mobile phone financing offers them the ability to choose from any mobile device they want. There is no worry about having the cash up front or being able to afford the device. Typically, with a constrained budget, most people have to choose which features to prioritize in their phone options. Budget becomes a way of judging the phone functionality and capability. With the mobile phone financing option, the cost of the phone is spread over at least a yearly period. Many providers of the mobile phone financing service do not require upfront deposits, which further makes it one of the easiest ways for one to own the latest in terms of mobile phone handsets.

Minimum requirements

Mobile phone financing is unlike the other forms of financing in that its minimum requirements are not necessarily as stringent as house or car financing. In most cases one needs only be of legal age, be a resident of the UK and be able to provide proof of regular income. Anyone with good credit will have their requests approved fairly quickly. However, those who do not have a good credit rating can still apply.

Handset depreciation

But all is not rosy when it comes to mobile financing. While they might be expensive, the latest in mobile phone technology depreciates quickly in terms of prices. After their release, the prices almost always fall in a matter of months. For those who choose the mobile phone financing option over, say, an 18 month period, they will still be paying the high price at release, rather than enjoying the low market rates. Major phone manufacturers release newer versions fairly quickly, so if the motivation for choosing the financing option was to own the latest handset, by the time one finishes paying it likely might not be the latest. However, some handset manufacturers offer their customers the chance of upgrading to the latest handset when it is released.

Credit score

When financing one’s phone, there is always the possibility of missed payments over the course of the 12 or maybe 18 month payment period. Just like approval depends on the credit score, non-payment can potentially hurt one’s credit score. Additionally, delaying or missing payments can attract extra fees. The financing process can be lengthy, so make sure to have a steady source of income during the whole process.

Financing is one of the most attractive purchase options today, what with mobile phone prices soaring, and the process being relatively easy, even for a less than attractive credit score. However, one must be very careful to only finance what they need and what they can afford.